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FaxGuardian removes the hassle of faxing with a secure and private online faxing service that lets you send faxes in seconds.

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Private, Easy Faxing.

FaxGuardian is a simple and secure way to send faxes online. Whether you are a freelancer or a small business, we make it easy to fax from anywhere in the world.

Send Faxes in Seconds

Our user-friendly interface allows you to send faxes in just seconds. We also offer an intuitive way to manage your contacts and sent faxes, so that you can always stay on top of your communication.

Ultimate Privacy

Your documents are never stored on our servers after your fax is sent - all your documents are securely transmitted using state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption and deleted at the end of transmission for true privacy. Your sensitive information will never fall into the wrong hands.

No Monthly Fees & No Catches

FaxGuardian is a simple, affordable, and easy-to-use service. We don't charge any monthly fees or hidden costs, so you only pay when you want to send a fax!

Totally Optimized

How Send & Delete Works

When you send a fax using FaxGuardian, your documents are encrypted and then transmitted to the recipient. Once the fax is successfully sent, the documents are deleted from our servers so that they can never be accessed again.

This guarantees that your sensitive information is never stored on our servers or seen by anyone except the intended recipient. And since we don't store your documents, we can't lose or misplace them.

Fax with Peace of Mind.

No hassle, no monthly fees - just a really easy way to send faxes in seconds.

Friendly Interface

Our interface is simple and easy-to-use, just like email. You don't need to install any old fax convertor software or fax machines.

Private and Secure

FaxGuardian encrypts all your documents before they are transmitted. We use the latest 256-bit encryption to keep your private documents as safe as possible.

Fax Manager

Our easy to use fax dashboard lets you send faxes quickly, easily and conveniently.

Send & Delete

Your private documents won't be left on our systems. All traces are removed after we send your document so nobody ever has access to them.


Send faxes from any web-enabled device, including iOS and Android.


No need to print or scan documents, or get a fax machine. Just upload them through our web interface and hit send!

For All Types of Documents

When it comes to financial, tax, health and legal documents, you need to make sure they are not only safe and secure, but are also kept completely private.

With FaxGuardian, you can be confident that your documents are totally secure and totally private, and they will stay that way. After you send any fax, it is sent securely and then completely deleted from our servers.


Easy, secure faxing for all your important documents

Faxing has never been more convenient or secure.

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